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MP Reveals How Schools In Mandera Get Leakage Than Those Schools Located At Nairobi

Kenya has long been plagued by the issue of cheating on national exams. Cabinet officials make every effort to solve the issue, but none of them have been successful in doing so completely.

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Exam cheating is a social issue, according to Mandera-based public policy analyst Abdullahi Alas, who was interviewed on NTV.

Exam leakage reportedly used to occur in Nairobi national institutions like Alliance or Mang'u, but it has since become more widespread. He claimed that 80 out of the 85 students in his school's class are currently waiting to enroll in university, which has never occurred before, and claimed that Mandera County now experiences more leakages than Nairobi.

Alas used the example of a parent paying his son Ksh 20k to pay an instructor who had the answers to a mathematics assignment that needed to be completed in order to demonstrate how malpractice occurs.

The fact that the parent who sent the money, the student, the teacher, the invigilators, and the security personnel manning the examination process are all Kenyans indicates that this is a social problem.

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