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Is the payment of a primary school teacher in Kenya sensible?

A primary school teacher in Kenya plays a very important role in the academic career of a child .It is the role of the teacher to introduce a child into the schooling world which is never an easy task.

The amount which the teachers get paid is always getting attention especially from people who want to join the profession.

We look at how the teachers get paid based on their job groups as per the teachers service commission

1.Job group P

This includes all primary school headteachers in day and boarding schools all over the country .For this group of teachers,the salary is between ksh 77, 840 and Ksh. 93,408 .

2 .Job group N

These are headteachers working in schools with low student population and deputy headteachers in schools with higher population.

Their salary ranges from Ksh.62, 272 and Ksh.77,840.

3.Job group M

These teachers are also referred to as senior instructors .Their salary ranges from ksh. 43, 154 and Ksh. 55, 945.

4.Job group L - Job group L - Grade C3 Primary school teachers salary for those in this job group, also known as the senior instructor have their salaries ranging between Ksh. 43, 154 and Ksh. 55, 945.

5.Job group K - Grade C2 Senior primary coaches who are in this grade get pay ranging between Ksh. 34, 955 and Ksh.43, 694. This group of coaches consist of primary special need education specialists.

6.Job group J - Grade C1 For grade C1 teachers, take home at least Ksh. 27, 195 and a maximum salary of Ksh. 33994.

7.Job group G

This comprises of p1 teachers.They take home the lowest amount which ranges from Ksh.21, 756 and Ksh. 27, 195.

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