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Monthly Salaries Of Principals, Deputy Principals And A Secondary School Teacher

Teaching profession is one of the best professions in the whole world. This is because, it pays well, it has proper job security and gives room for academic advancement incase you want to upgrade your knowledge in a particular field.

In this article, we will see the different amounts of money that teachers in various levels in the teaching profession earns per month and the various factors that determines the amount that each teacher earns per month.

For instance, payment of teachers in teaching profession depends upon the job group that a particular teacher belongs to.

As a matter of facts, a teacher who belongs to job group K (C2) earns a basic salary of between Ksh 34,955 to 49,694. These are teachers who are still fresh in the profession.

Principals in job group T- Scale 15 who are mandated to manage national schools and extra county schools earns a basic salary that ranges between Ksh Sh121,814 and Sh157,656 per month while those in T- Scale 14 pockets between Ksh 118,242 and 121,890 per month.

Deputy Principals who are the second senior most person from the principal in a school setting on the other hand earns a basic monthly salary that ranges between Ksh 82,717 and Sh87,900.

Click on the link below to read more about teachers' salaries depending on their job groups.

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