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Study These Courses If You Wish To Get Employed Immediately After Your Graduation

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Bachelor of Education Science is a good career to get started with. According to my research, there is a high deficiency of science teachers in the country. You will find that in most secondary schools, the number of chemistry or physics teachers are one, two, or three maximum.

Taking your degree in education will guarantee you quick employment. You can start by being a PTA teacher or BOM before being approved by the ministry of education.

If you luckily get employed by the government, you are guaranteed a beginner monthly salary of about Ksh40,000. The salary increases as you gain more experience in the teaching field.

The other course which guarantees mediate employment is nursing. After graduating with your degree in nursing, you can get employed in the many governments or private hospitals all over the country.

You can also invest your money by launching your private hospital in the village or the town and start getting some cash. This is because hundreds of people get sick or unhealthy every day and they will need a doctor to treat them

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