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Four circumstances under which a teacher may be allowed to transfer from one school to another

Teachers Service commission (TSC) facilitates transfer of teachers from one region to another based on the following reasons:


After staying in one place or one school for a period of more than five years you will be eligible to be transferred.

2.Parental care

If your parents are as too old and they need you around them you will apply for transfer and TSC will verify your application.


In case their is terrorism in the area you are teaching you may be transfered till peace is restored.

4.Medical condition

If you are sick and you need to be transfered to a place where you can easily access medication then TSC will consider you easily.

Other reasons may include rejection due to poor performance or bad behaviours that may attract demonstration by the community members may force TSC to transfer you yo another place.

All teachers required to follow correct guidelines when applying for transfer.

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