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If You Are Planning To Join University Please Avoid This Course-Opinion

Kenya's population is growing at a very fast rate. According to the census conducted by the government in the year 2019,Kenyans were estimated to be approximately 50 Million. It is important to note that the number of people in a given country determine the fate of the economy directly. Meaning that availability and lack of job opportunities is affected by this very factor.

Universities are meant to train students in the best manner possible so as to be equally relevant in the job market at the end of the day. A graduate's prayer is always to secure employment immediately after graduation but unfortunately for a majority, this never happens.

For this reason it was advisable to choose the course you would like to study very wisely. Engineering is a good career since the noble profession is internationally recognized. But again it is a disappointment as an engineer is at a very high chance of ending up jobless. This is because a majority of the experts from this field are sourced from outside the republic. Opportunities for the citizens are very scarce.

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