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Kericho County Might Pay ECD Teachers Better Salary

Early Childhood Development teachers under Paid, Kericho County Plans Better Pay.

For a long time ECD teachers have been earning very low salary in Kericho County. Back from 2014 Early Childhood Development teachers have been earning low salary that cannot sustain there livelihood and those of there family members. 

For years, ECD teachers have lamented their desperate situation due to underpayment for seven years down the line. In the corridors of their life career, they have seen no green light of hope at the end of the tunnel. They have had no job groups regardless of their various levels of Education.

Back in 2016-2017, an ECD Employee who is a graduate from Kenyatta University with bachelors degree made a decision to resign because she was paid meager salary of 8000 Ksh. She allegedly said that her salary was not proportional the level of her Education. 

One of the ECD teachers says, On Wednesday March 2014, His Excellency the Governor, Dr Paul Kiprono Chepkwony said the "ECD teachers have a reason to smile for his endeavor was to establish the foundation of the pupils and establish the standard of county Education" (Education news 2014).

Kericho County are the lowest paying ECD teachers from 2014 down the line to 2021. They have subsisted on 8000 ksh per month. It doesn't matter whether you have got master’s degree or certificate. There salary is a uniform rate and has rendered the ECD teachers to be beggars of Loans everywhere. There is allegation that ECD teachers are underpaid because they do not have a union of their own.

Recently ECD teachers have been told to avail all their certificates to ECD education office. They are living in hope that the county government might increase their salary by August, impeccable sources have reported. 

It is reported that the highest paying county in this country is Turkana which pays 43,000 ksh for diploma holder and Certificate is 37 000 Ksh, then Mandera pays 30,000 for diploma and 27,000 ksh for certificate holders. Nairobi pays 19,000 ksh for diploma and 15,000 for certificate.

Kericho County pays 8000 ksh uniform salary for diplomas and certificate holders when compared to others who pay more than 10,000 ksh. However, a researcher found out that there are 14 counties that still pay less than 10,000 to their ECD teachers. Twenty-three counties are discovered to be paying more ten thousand. Other 10 counties pay more than 20,000.

Esther, one of the ECD teachers said that Kericho County has given them green light of hope and that they might be paid better being from August. It is still lamentable in other counties because no reports have been heard that they will improve their teachers' salary.

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