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The secrets Behind the increased deaths of the students in tertiary institutions

In our universities, cases of comrades being killed has been rising up. This might be due to struggle for everyone to be in a relationship. Both the female and male comrades are in danger because of the unfaithfulness in the so called student-student love affairs.

Poverty is also another problem that is affecting students in campus. Many will want to acquire things which may be expensive to them. This May be due to competition in dressing code among girls thus forcing many into relationship so that they may depend on their so called boyfriend lovers.

Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend in campus is not bad but the students are advised to use their common sense and choose wisely their partners.

Parents are also asked to advise their daughters and sons on matters relating to relationships. Parents send their children to universities to study with the hope that they are going to take care of them in future. Kindly our students please let's know what brought us to universities and let's be careful while dating.

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