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How Over 145000 TSC Teachers Are Missing Out One Key Benefit From Their Medical Covers

The Teachers Service Commission has been steadfast in looking into the welfares of the teachers.It always comes in to condemn some unwarranted behaviours towards the teachers.The Commission keeps on rebuking those who attack the teachers in schools and even transfer them whenever the situation gets out of hand.

The teachers are the only Government employees who are in two medical schemes.Both NHIF and Aon Minet have insured all the teachers under TSC in the country.The medical covers have seen the teachers even successfully go for treatments outside the country.

Aon Minet has these days improved its services to teachers as opposed to back then when there were rampant cries from the teachers and hospitals.Some teachers would complain of being chased away from some hospitals while some hospitals would complain of late payments by the company.

TSC has just released the teacher preparedness report this week as far as Covid-19 containment measures are concerned since the virus began.Over 70 teachers have so far died from the virus.

From TSC's report,some 145,615,000 teachers are missing one key benefit from Aon despite it being automatically offered.In TSC data,there are 334,531 teachers who are all benefiting from the Aon medical insurance.Luckily,there are 188,912 teachers who are enjoying the dependants' provision of spouses.

Some 145,615 have no spouses and are missing out in the benefits of this.Incase a teacher dies,AON gives Ksh 200,000 on a B5 teacher and Ksh 600,000 on a D5 teacher under the last expense..This means that if the teacher is married,the partner remaining will benefit from this.An unmarried teacher will only wait to die for the other dependants whom she or he might have chosen to enjoy this money because due to the fact that he or she is dead.This means that the a married teacher is advantaged under the spouse's beneficiaries.

This number of unmarried teachers is revealed in the local daily at the right column in the second paragraph below:

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