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Alarm in the Country as About 400,000 Students Drop Out of School

All sectors in the country are currently facing tough times as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. The education sector is also not excluded in this. Last year March, all learning institutions had to close down. Primary schools and highschools were fully reopened January this year.

According to a report from the government, most of adolescent learners did not report back to school after the reopening in January. Most of the learners who failed to report are girls about 84 percent of them reported while about 94 percent of boys reported. The total number of learners who failed to report back is about 400,000 or slightly above this figure

The major cause of the drop out according the report is lack of school fees which is as a result if tough economic condition brought about by the covid 19 pandemic other reasons are, pregnancies and early marriages amongst the girls due to the long stay at home last year.

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