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Parents Disappointed By The 10 th October Directive To Pay Full School Fees After A One Week Break


Speaking to Radio Jambo, parents have made open their disapointments after the goverment orders to pay full fees as schools in the country close this week and resume on 10nth October. Mary, who has 3 kids has said " Mimi niko na mtoto form 4, 3 na 1, nimechukua hadi fuliza jameni hii ni ngumu sijui wazazi tutasimamia wapi". This comes as the curriculum calender was affected by the covid-19 outbreak which has pushed for a crash program to balance the system by next year.

With the tough economic times, they are appealing to the goverment to lessen the orders and minimise the number of breaks as some of the children are travelling far making it difficult to gather transport money. Mid-term breaks are among what parents want scraped off since they are short and expensive on their side. On the other hand they are appealing to county officials to work out a plan that will increase the bursary funds given.

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