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Primary Education


They Used to Make fun of Me Because I Was The Only Grown up Girl In School, Lady Explains

Nancy was born and raised in Muran’ga. She joined nursery School at an age 9-years-old.

Teachers and pupils used to laugh at her because she was the only big girl in their class. She was given a duty to clean the classroom on her own. She studied well where she was made a head girl and a CU leader.

When she completed her primary school studies, she had no thoughts of joining high school because in their family no one had joined. By faith, her pastor told her that she will join high School soon and he will pray for her. Her brother came to fetch her and she was taken to a school uniform shop and the clothes were bought for her.

She finally joined high school. When her pastor saw her with school uniform, he knelt down in front where she was and started praying thanking God. She learned well until form four.

One day together with her cousin, they went to look for a job in someone garden and on their way back home, a boy rushed them and wanted to defile them but he was unable to catch them. It was raining and Nancy had only one dress which torn out and she asked her sister from Nairobi led her with some of her dresses.

She told her why don’t she ask God to gave her the clothes and she prays to Him always. She felt betrayed and she fasted for three frequently days and on the last day, a lady went to her home with a bag full of clothes and offered to her. It was really a miracle.

After high school she went to her pastor and stayed there where they loved and accepted her. She said she had freedom because she would go with them in conferences which she loved to attend. She found a man who proposed to her and got married. They used to go to the same church. They wedded at church.

After two months of marriage, her husband started changing and he could not talk to her when he would arrive home. She even got ulcers. She decided to go to talk to her best wedding man and woman. They were advised and they sulted things out and went back home together. They live together until now and blessed with a child.

From 2019, August she joined the studio where she hosted her first song. Her husband supported her talent and she is thinking of launching her several songs she have. She does shoot videos in events too.

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Muran ga. Nancy


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