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Meet One Of The Most Beautiful School In Mombasa (PHOTOS)

Coastal region of Kenya is known to boasts a number of beautiful schools, considered the fact that the region boasts a number of Swahili people as well as Asians who wish to build their schools resembling Islamic architecture.

Thus in this article am going to present to you one of the most beautiful schools in Mombasa, the school is called Allidina Visram high school. The school sits on about three and a half acres of land along Nasser road, Mombasa. The school is very colourful with amazing outlook taking Asian way of construction. The school was founded in around 1923 by Kenyan born Asian Sheth Abdul. The original architect of the school was imported from India to design and organise all materials for the construction.

Moreover, other materials were also imported from India, such as steel and gray stone, to help build this wonderful school. The construction too long time to be completed since it was a special type. In terms of performance, Allidina is one of the best performing schools in Mombasa. In fact the boy's school, boasts massive skilled, knowledgeable as well as experienced teachers, thus good performance. Having said that, check out below the amazing pictures of the school.

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