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First Years Reporting To UON Will Have To Pay Upto This Amount For Tuition And Accomodation Fee

Its a tough situation and rough time for the first years who are joining the greatbubiversity of Nairobi based in Nairobi town as the accomandation fee and tuition fee is increased.

The institution has implemented its new charges despite the step taken by the student leaders to highly oppose the charges but the vice chancellor ,Professor Kiami seems not to give up.

First years reported yesterday ,and they had to pay Upto Sh 100,000 for tuition and accomandation fee.

The fee has been doubled as the institution implement its new charges .

Comparing the fee with other institution ,its totally different as other universities can't pay more than ksh 40,000.

The accomodation fee at the university of Nairobi gas been increased by 7 times per semester .

In single rooms ,mostly those in third years and final years pay sh 21,525 per semester from Sh3150. While those who shared rooms by four will pay Sh15,120 up from Sh 2730.

What's your opinion regarding this huge payment in the University of Nairobi ?

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