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Happening Now In Machakos University.

This morning students of Machakos University went to school earlier as possible as they are doing their exams.Some had their exam earlier as from 8 a.m to 10 a.m and immediately after they were done with the paper,their lecturers were already out.Little did the students know that they were going for a demonstration.

As we speak now,the demonstration is ongoing.The lecturers are demanding for their salaries to be paid as they have not been paid. They have promised that failure to payment,the students will not proceed with the exams which will be a very big disadvantage to the students.

The students hope that they will be paid and they continue with their exams as they are really behind in their studies compared to other universities since they had a very long break due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic and they never studied online .

The students also are in panic as they don't know whether the exams that were supposed to be administered at 2 p.m will be given to them.They are waiting for the directions from above as whether the exam will take place or not.

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Machakos University


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