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College Education


A Reason for a College or University Certificate

There has been various comments and questions on whether to attend university and obtain a degree or diploma is valuable or worthed to pursue. I think it's worthed from my part of the story and it has been proved to come in hand to those who are willing and able to pursue it. Growing up in an agriculturallly centered community, it's not easy to pursue a degree considering the costs, and the obstacles to convince a parent to invest in one. Stories from narcissists people about how it's not worthed to even have a university degree had been on the the rise.

But the real truth, that's never the case. Stories from people with better understanding of how the economy runs, tells otherwise. Having a university degree or diploma gives one an advantage over the others who don't possess in the job market.Every job requirement existing in the job market requires the applicant to either have a certificate, dipla or degree, without with one would be disqualified. Attending a college or university has its perks, as not only does the university offer the chance to study but provides opportunities for one to grow. There are students who discovered job opportunities to supplement their income in school.

Most popular ones are the online jobs which revolve around transcription, blogging, online writing and advertisement. Transcription jobs include jobs for beginners where they are required to pass the entrance exams before they start to work. Examples of these popular companies include Gotranscript, Verbit, 3D play media, TranscribeMe, Direct Express and Scribie. Their work mostly include listening to audios and videos into words, using a style of writing which they offer to their transcribers. Their pay rates are usually 1 dollar per minute but the pay rate usually differs with companies. List of jobs are always there and most pay their transcribers every Friday by Paypal website.

Online writing companies like Opera News and Scooper also offer jobs to beginners to work for their team to write articles for their users and the pay is usually good.Blogging companies like YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr and many others also pay their users depending on the number of views they get. However, you'd have to have above average number of views to be considered for payment and a lot of Kenyans get their means of livelihoods through these websites. Considering the flexibility of the study schedules at universities and colleges, getting time to work on these websites is pretty high. I have a friend who works as a transcriber at 3D Play Media and the rate of pay is good.

The number of jobs he can access are stable and he gets to work every week. When he gets to work on a 50 minute-audios every day, at the end of the fourth day he is able to earn four thousand Kenya shillings , which is pretty good.At the university, you can also get to meet people for different backgrounds and strike a connection with them. This would be helpful when searching for a job after school. Some of your classmates could work abroad and later could share information which would be beneficial to you. My time at the university changed my perception of the people around me, as growing up in a one language community and hearing stories about how scary people from other tribe's could be. However, interacting with people from other tribes and making friends had me realize to never judge a book by its cover. In the end, it's advantageous to obtain a college or university degree as this would open you to the world of possibilities.

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