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Here is The Only African Country That Has Not Yet Opened Schools Because of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world leaving behind devastating effects that many countries are still just reeling from.

Picture courtesy. Uganda school children.

Kenya has not been spared by the post effects of the Covid pandemic that saw millions die while more were infected but recovered.

Restrictions were seen as the way to go about containment of the virus until a cure or a vaccine could be procured by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

And well into 12 months of the virus being discovered, a vaccine was announced and production as well as distribution across the world commenced.

Many countries had closed their schools as they did not want the children contracting the virus and bringing in more devastation.

Kenya, opened its school doors earlier on this year after a year of the schools being closed countrywide.

School children in Uganda. Picture courtesy.


Uganda is said to have not yet opened its school doors until today despite all African nations continuing with normal learning at this point.

According to UNICEF, schools in Uganda have been closed for a period of seventy seven weeks which is the equivalent of 20 months and four months shy of two years.

This is despite low Covid infections in the country and deaths in the country according to a United Nations Agency in the country.

More than 15 million students have been at home in Uganda since the onset of the pandemic in earlier 2020.

India, which has seen about 452,000 deaths witnessed due to the virus, is yet to reopen as well with learners now being at home for 73 weeks.

Nepal has also closed its schools for a period of 74 weeks while Bolivia is still at it with 73 weeks into the first case getting reported in the world.

The future remains uncertain for Children in Uganda as schools continue to close and no official communication from the government on when reopening will be.

School children in Uganda. Picture courtesy.

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