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Primary School in Nyahururu on The Spotlight For Doing This

A primary school in Laikipia County has been the subject of contention today after pictures of children tied to a post emerged.

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The three students appear to be under some form of punishment which most people have been castigating all through the afternoon.

The primary school has been identified as Thiru Primary School in Nyahururu, Laikipia County.

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Here are some reactions from Kenyans concerning the matter:

Bareso Willy: Militia approach is not formal education.

John Crispi's: Why are we assuming this is punishment? Is it possible kids were playing or acting in a drama club?

Konate Yaya: Really, this person is inhuman. It's very sad unless it's a military school.

Pancras Ongoma: Not the county director. Assuming we have 100 schools in the county the county director might not be entangible to all to all the teacher's deeds. Let the teacher responsible take his own deeds.

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Here are more reactions from Kenyans:

Alex Wekesa: The name of the school should be displayed to the public.

Sharon Chemeli: What sort of punishment is this?

Dee Thabit: I read somewhere it's a school in Nyahururu. Guys are still trying to find the exact school.

Maryann Nzii: Try this nonsense with my son. Utajua why Kambas we don't talk twice.

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What do you think about this punishment? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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