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College Education


Politician Vows to Stop Sponsoring College Girl Wants Private Date with her but she is not Intrested

A politician who hails from western parts of the country has promised to stop sponsoring a hot female college student he has been aiding in pursuing her education by paying her fees and catering for all necessities to keep her in school.

Despite many other politicians helping needy students and expecting nothing back in return, the western politician has vowed to halt his sponsorship if the lady dies not to fall for him romantically. According to the politician, the girl is playing hard to get, something that is making him impatient and about to lose hope in getting her.

With many students falling for their agemates in school, the politician thinks that the lady is playing games with him. Lately, he had organised a date with her, but unfortunately, she did not show up as expected. He was overheard cursing the lady for not showing up for the date, he even promised to teach her a lesson. Rumour has it that the politician has helped many students but ends up sleeping with them secretly.

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