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CBC Curriculum, Expensive for Parents and Private Schools

CBC curriculum seems not be appreciated by most Kenyan people because most people think it is so expensive and cannot be affordable to people leaving on low income. However to those who own private schools they claim the CBC curriculum is not favourable for private schools because most the government will channel their educational facilities to public schools only.

Samuel Odongo, a private school owner said it will be difficult for them to continue earning from private schools because there will be no apparent competition between schools to show be best performing school, and therefore it will be hard to market any private schools. It therefore appears that private schools will die naturally because of CBC curriculum.

Another reason given is because teachers are required to go for further training so as to understand CBC curriculum. However teachers do not want to go back to college to update their knowledge to fit CBC curriculum. They say it is being over exploited financially and they end up critquing CBC curriculum.

CBC is highly applauded by those who do not like competition between schools. They say 8:4:4 system genders competition between schools and students. The 8:4:4 aims at the final results while overlooking implementation of skills, and knowledge achieved in the learning process.

The most prevalent excuse against CBC is because of financial implications incurred by the parents in supporting the children to achieve education under CBC curriculum. Otherwise most people confess it is a good curriculum were it not expensive.

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