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Dear Parents, Here Is What CBC Means, Its Benefits To Both Learners & Parents

Debates have continued to be witnessed amongst Kenyan parents following the implementation of the new curriculum known as Competent Based Curriculum (CBC) with a section of parents moving to court in an attempt to boycott the ministry of education over CBC.

Amongst the claims that are pushing parents to go against the new curriculum includes, high expenses in terms of time, money and resources needed for their learners to carry out their home works and even class works.

But as much as parents have developed a negative notion towards the new curriculum, CBC, they should know that the curriculum is of more importance than the previous one. As they always say, 'good things are expensive' this applies to this and below are some of the reasons why CBC is would be the best ever.

1. Talent Oriented Curriculum.

It reported that the new curriculum is actually talent oriented since it aims at training learners and developing their hidden talents through the works that are taught in class and outside the classroom.

2. It Is Competent Based Curriculum.

The curriculum is actually competent itself in a manner that trains learners to have competence in what they should be doing. A learner learn by doing and hence it arouse the curiosity 9f the pupil to know more.

3. It is ethical in nature.

Some of the subjects that are taught in this new curriculum had not been their and from it learners are acquiring various skills including how to live in a given society.

Last but not least, the curriculum is career oriented, it directly trains a learner on what he/she would be doing to earn a living before even the employment period comes.

My humble request to all kenyan parents is that whatever negative thoughts that are being circulated about CBC is not true, kindly support the curriculum.

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CBC Here Is Kenyan Talent Oriented Curriculum


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