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Thursday's Education News Making The Headlines, July 15th

What you should know: Kitui Central Member of Parliament Dr Makali Mulu spends Sh7.1 million CDF on the improvement of schools, All the 340,000 teachers employed by TSC will undergo a mandatory refresher training in the new promotion deal, Narok branch TSC director Mr Bernard Kimachas promises teachers fair hiring, Dr Teresa Mwoma who is a senior lecturer of early childhood and special needs education at Kenyatta University wants the government to focus on delivering quality early childhood education.

1. TSC promises teachers fair hiring in Narok

Speaking in his office, Mr Bernard Kimachas, who is the TSC - Narok branch director, ascertained teachers of fair recruitment during the exercise.

Kimachas said that 45 primary school teachers and 78 secondary school teachers will be recruited in Narok county.

“I want to assure the teachers that everyone who applied for these posts will be called for the interview. We will recruit those who have qualified as per the guidelines given by TSC,” he said.

2. New bid to improve the quality of early childhood learning

Education stakeholders recommend the government should focus on delivering quality early childhood education. They say there should be a shift from the provision of bursaries and infrastructure development in schools.

They want the county governments and the central governments to prioritised early childhood development facilities as the world gets into conversation on how to improve the quality of education globally.

“Early childhood goes beyond the academics. There are a lot of things that happen at that level, including fortification of their meals and learning how to share,” said Dr Teresa Mwoma, senior lecturer of early childhood and special needs education at Kenyatta University.

Dr Teresa Mwoma is a member of Their World which is a global charity that rallies governments to advance the interests of children and women. She was speaking during a meeting in preparation for the Global Partnership on Education (GPE) replenishment summit that will be co-hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on July 28 and 29, 2021.

3. MP spends Sh.7.1 million CDF on the improvement of schools

Dr Makali Mulu, the Kitui Central Member of Parliament, has spent Sh7.1 Million from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) kitty to improve the learning facilities in his constituency.

Speaking in Ithiiani Secondary School in Kyangwithya West Ward during the launch of a fully equipped laboratory, Mulu said the fund was used in the last financial year to renovate classrooms and construction laboratories in various schools such as Ndumoni, Kwa-Kunuvwa and Mulutu Secondary Schools in Kyangwithya West Ward within Kitui Central.

“I do advise all the students to make use of this facility to expand their practical knowledge on matters of science subject as well make use of your teachers whenever assistance is needed because we need good results and can only be realized upon proper utilization of the available resources and materials,” said the legislator.

4. All 340,000 teachers to undergo refresher training in new promotion deal

Teachers employed by TSC will now have to undergo new training called Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules aimed at guiding their promotions and growth. There will be no automatic progressions for common cadre teachers.These TPD modules shall be modular-based training programmes for all practising teachers.

According to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the delivery of the TPD will be a Modular Approach mainly using Technology and will address Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (PACK) among other components related to the Competency-Based Curriculum.

Through the TPD programme, teachers will continuously expand and enhance their skills, competencies, and knowledge in line with the modern skills aimed at improving the provision of quality education.

As TSC boss Dr Nancy Macharia puts it, each classroom teacher will undertake at least one module per year, which will include professionalism, pedagogy, Competence-Based Curriculum and Assessment, inclusive education practices, Comprehensive School Health and Safety, Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy Skills.

While institutional leaders will undertake modules on professionalism, Competence-Based Curriculum and Assessment, leadership in high-quality instruction and assessment, professional learning environment, building a positive inclusive learning environment, comprehensive school health and financial literacy skills.

“The TPD programme targets to benefit all registered teachers in public and private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Kenya,” said Dr Macharia.

Institutions such as Kenyatta University, Riara University, Mount Kenya University and the Kenya Education Management Institute (Kemi) have developed training modules in specific competency areas in line with the teaching standards prescribed by TSC hence were picked to offer the training.

The training will be a must for all the 340,000 teachers under the government payroll and will be conducted during the school holidays at their own cost.

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