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Teachers Sight A Contract Mode Of Employement From The Recently Given Directives By The Government


Acting on receiving direcitives to take up studies after every five years! Teachers are now sighting a contract mode of employent plan by the government unlike the normal long term one.

Speaking to k24 TV, kuppet secretary for vihiga has said that they are holding a meeting with plans to summon national officials in the education sector.

This comes after instructions indicate that they should all be going for training which is mandatory or risk loosing their jobs.

The exercise is supposed to go for the next 30 years and meant to see that they be paying a sum of 6000 shillings per module which most of them are complaining about suggesting that the commision should look on how they will make it be free of charge just as it is with the CBC lessons.

What this means then is that one will be employed for a short period and after the training they will be expected to sighn up again which they are not comfortable with. They are hoping that the this is going to be reviewed and reconsidered mostly the cost to reduce the heavy financial burden.

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