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Guiding Rule For A Captivating News Article, Every Writer Should Posess And Apply

While journalism and news transmission have currently transformed as per current technological revolution, amateur news reporters have lately bombarded online reporting, without guiding principles to shape and make their writing abilities progressively better.

Sadly, the modem amateur reporters are unskillful on fundamenta writing basics on presenting "gripping, captivating and unresentful" articles, in comparison to the tradition news reporters were. The former "sweet taste" expected in "news articles" has for now gradually faded, and replaced by boring and uncaptivating articles, due to unskilled writers who lack the basic mandatory principles needed in professional news writing.

Today, online news have become diluted, boring and disinteresting to read due to the fact that, many unqualified and unskilled reporters gets into media industry, and transmit substandard news, without first getting basic formal knowledge on what a news article is supposed to be structured.

Five "W" journalism reporting rule has been ignored by the modern writers, and as a result the sweetness and flavor expected in a "news item" has totally lost it's value, as one gets bored to read a story from the initial opening sentence.

"Who, What, When, Where, and Why" were a fundamental rule applied in an opening sentences on any news-article, expected for publication in the tradition news reporting. Unfortunately, in today's reporting field, such fundamental reporting "principle" has been ignored and discarded, as many unqualified journalist bombard the industry.

The "five W" principle, branded and gave a story an interesting and welcoming look, and thus gave appetite, desire and taste for a reader to get gripped in reading the article from the start to the end.

Five "W" reporting principle explained a whole story compressed in a one opening sentence, and the reader got glued to read the story further for more details. For example; "An armed thug has been gunned down early today in the morning at Githurai, after an attempt to rob a Family Bank premises in the town flopped....." The opening sentence compromise all the "five Ws" and elaborate what is contained in the whole story in one sentence.

The opening sentence has described "Who" did "What" and "When" (time frame) the action took place, and "Where" it happened (location) and "Why", followed by details of the story on the next "news" body stringed on a consequential orderly structure.

The opening sentence can "hook" the reader to continue reading or reject the whole article.

Unlike today where a "news article" starts from nowhere, a gripping news article must strictly adhere to the Five "W" rule. A news article formulated on this principle can arose interest for the reader on seeking more details of the story on next "body" part of the article.

(From my experience as a publisher of Vision, The Winner magazines, and Mt. Kenya Vision newsletter - 1999 to 2011, and many other articles in many magazines and journals).

Content created and supplied by: Stephenmwangimuriithi (via Opera News )


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