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Wahu Kagwi Discloses Bad grade she scored in Kiswahili at Kcse

Secular artist Wahu Kagwi has left her followers in stitches after revealing the bad grade she scored in Kiswahili at her Kcse exams.

Through her facebook post, she discloses the traumatic scenes that she went through upon receiving her Kcse results. She said that she couldn't beleive her eyes on getting a D+ in her Kiswahili paper. She continues to explain rhat the worst was upon learning that she was among the bottom three in the subject.

[Screenshot: Wahu kagwi on Facebook]

She further remembers how her fatherlaughed at her for emerging in the bottom list in the subject. She says that her father never imagined how his daughter could scote such a bad grade in the subject yet it seemed the easiest of all subjects.

Currently she is a secular artist with a good swahili accent despite failing in the subject. She has really made her parents proud of her. She is a mother of three and wife to Nameless.


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Nameless Wahu Kagwi


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