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Tough Times for Kenyans in 2023

The recent threat to abolish boarding primary schools was just meant to test the waters. The real target is boarding secondary schools. With the current budgetary constraints, the government can save money by turning all public schools into day schools.

There could be pressure from IMF to end all subsidies including education ones. Abolishing boarding schools would lower the capitation amounts being disbursed to schools.

The tragedy with IMF's directives is that they lack local context. They are usually a copy and paste affair. That is why they rarely work. The often hurt the very people they are supposed to help.

We need to get our economic act together. Relying on IMF and World Bank to get us out of the mess is not a smart thing. These guys will prescribe the wrong medicine and once it makes you sick they will blame you for your troubles.

When we were saying that our debt levels are unsustainable, IMF kept on saying they were sustainable. It kept on giving more money to the government. Relying on IMF's debt sustainability reports is like a drunkard relying on a bartender to know whether they are really drunk.

Structural adjustment policies within the neoliberal economic frameworks are purposely intended to weaken the economies of countries indebted to IMF or World Bank. They don't like it when public services are affordable and accessible to ordinary wananchi. It is the same system that was used to weaken the economic progress of Latin American states that had the potential of becoming Europe in the 1970-80s. Middle Eastern countries and Asian tigers refused to embrace that nonsense.

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