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Term One Holiday Break: Parents prepare to Host Your Children From This Date

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Parents with children in both secondary and primary schools can start early preparation to receive their children as not so long from today schools are going to break for first term holiday. Although the holiday won't take long, it will only last for a week and later they will embark again to School program.


As scheduled by the Education sector both secondary and primary schools are supposed to break for first term holiday by 2nd of September and resume learning on 10th of September of this same year. As always been the case parents should start planning how their children should travel back home especially those with children in schools far away from home.

Also remember to always remind them to follow covid-19 guidelines and regulations to stay safe while traveling. Below is the current education calendar being followed, you can always check it and track most activities that follows ahead from 2021 to 2022.

Kindly 🙏 share to reach all the parents and Don't forget to comment your views below about the duration of the holiday.

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