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Why The 8-4-4 System Has Proven To Be Useless To Many Kenyans.

1. Favours only the book smart students. It does not nurture those who are good in other areas apart from class. Everyone has to do well in class despite varying abilities.

2. Only prepares people for white collar jobs. Students are only taught to be doctors and lawyers which is not a bad thing, but it has reached a point where society terms job outside this market as failure.

3. Fails to equip students with necessary real world experience. Pupils end up being taught how to pass exams and failing to learn the skills they require.

4. It is broad and cumbersome. One is required to study many subjects that are not related to what they are interested in.

5. An unfair way of grading and assessment. After several years of studies, students are tested using one exam to gauge their entire academic capability.

6. Does not allow students to work at their own pace. There is a fixed timetable for all students, despite differences in their abilities.

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