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What My Teacher Infected Me With After He Slept With Me In His Office. He Ruined My Life- Carol

A sixteen years old girl reffered to as Carol who concealed her identity due to security reasons from Kiambu, painfully narrates what her teacher is infected her with after he slept woth her in his office.

According to Carol she was born and raised in Kiambu in a family of three children. Her mother was a single mother who left her and her siblings woth her grandmother when she was still young.

She said that her grandmother took care of her but when she finished her primary education, her grandmother died of a long illness and she was taken inn by her mother. Her mother treated her badly and she refused to take her to highschool.

Fortunately villagers and the local church decided to pay for her school fees in a nearby school. She joined form one when the class was in their second term. Therefore she would come to school earlier than other students so that she can read and catch up with her fellow students.

She said that one day she came to school early as usual and she found the teacher on duty in school. She went to class as usual and he surmoned her in his office. He locked the door behind him and he attacked her. He tore her clothes and he raped her.

"The teacher on duty raped me inside his office and he said that he would kill me if I reported him to the police." Carol said.

She said that after he finished he gave her another uniform that was in his office and he told her that he would kill her if she reported him to anybody. She w r back to class and she never informed her mother nor her teacher about what had happened.

After they closed for the holidays she asked her mother to take her to another school but she refused. Therefore, she decided to drop out of school. After a few months she started to feel unwell and she went to hospital for treatment. She was tested and the doctors told her that was HIV positive.

Carol was shocked and she w eg to inform her mother what happened a d instead of helping her. Her mother chased her away and told everyone in the village about her HIV status. She was stigmatized by different people and she decided to leaves home.

She said that since then she has been sleeping in the streets, begging for food as she takes her medication. She is appealing for help from anyone who can help her find justice and also take her to a different school

Content created and supplied by: Mumbi92 (via Opera News )

Carol Kiambu


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