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Students Receives Bad News On Opening Dates As School Heads And Parents Now Claim This

Everyone is excited after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered schools to re-open on 10th May as it had been indicated before.

This is good news to many including students who have been waiting to go back to class. Education is an important aspect of life and that is why everyone is fighting to ensure children get enough education they deserve.

The planned school resumption has received a set back as school heads and parents for primary schools emerges with different claims ahead of school reopening.

The headteachers to primary schools have raised concern over the safety of teachers before they can resume on their duties.

According to them, teachers welfare should be prioritised before schools resume. They have come up with questions to the government concerning their safety on Covid-19 as there are is inadequate Covid-19 vaccines in the country to cater for the large demand of primary school teachers who will handle students. Young students do not observe the Covid-19 prevention measures properly.

According to the school heads, it is important that the government provides vaccines to teachers first before schools resume so that they can avoid Covid-19.

Here is where the headache is because currently there is no enough vaccines in the country to cater for the rising demand from teachers.

Now, if the government fails to provide the vaccines in time, will these teachers accept to go to back class? Incase they don't then education activities will be affected in one way or the another.

(Kepsha) which is an association for primary schools in Kenya has also come up with another complain.

It has stated that the government has not yet released required funds to run primary schools and there is no way the schools will operate without enough funds.

This can be seen as a drawback to education in kenya mostly the basic education sector.

What is your opinion on this new claims? Do you think they will affect schools operations and impact negatively on learning in primary school? Should the teachers go on and start handling students before receiving the vaccines?

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