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What Distinguishes the New Curriculum (CBC) from the Old Curriculum?

Kenyan competency-based curriculum (CBC) was introduced by the ministry of education in 2017. The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) played a very big role to design it and giving ways how it will be implemented. The new curriculum stresses the development of skills and knowledge and the application of those skills in real-life circumstances. The government is working every day to ensure that the CBC has fully replaced the old system of education.

Some differences in the new curriculum include:

  • The CBC is divided into three levels; Early year education, Middle school education, and senior school education.
  • The ECD has two stages PP1 and PP2.
  • The classes are now called grades.
  • The topics are now called strands.
  • Teaching aids are now called learning aids.
  • The curriculum has some added activities which include environmental activities, creative art, hygiene, and nutrition, and an emphasis on physical education.

Let's see some of the reasons why we require to embrace CBC.

  • It creates an opportunity for digital literacy compared to the old system.
  • It enhances critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • It enhances imagination and student creativity.

CBC focuses on a child's ability. It provides ways to help each child to know and improve in their talents. In near future in this beautiful nation, we expect independent citizens who are capable of competing in the job market all over the world.

What is your opinion concerning CBC?

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