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Reasons behind the frustration of many educated people (photos)

Learning is a life long process which involves both the organized one (formal )and the one that takes place outside the institutional setting which is non formal.

Knowledge has been given great emphasis by the government by building schools and providing facilities for learning basing on the basic skills that inculcate to learners.

However, the race to civilization has turned down the expectations of the graduates and degree holders who complete their schooling in the following ways :

1. The knowledge gained during the schooling process may not be applicable in the field but was for general knowledge, topics such as "rocks" in Geography will necessarily make no one dig out rocks in the field and identifying them.

2. High expectations among the graduates, simply put, those who complete their studies expect to be absorbed in the job market immediately without prior thinking of getting experience by working as a volunteer or as a part time member. This annoys them a lot especially when it comes to having patience.

3. Pursuing a wrong course simply because of the standards that are laid by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement service (KUCCPs).

During an entry to any course, certain qualifications have to be met but some might have excel but not in the subjects of their favor making them pursue a wrong course.

Education has made people selective of which has led most stuck waiting for employment rather coming up side hustle.

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