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Secondary Education


Othaya Boys High School Students Walk Out of School

Today othaya boys high school in nyeri has gone on strike. The angry students stormed the school store and removed all the foodstuffs. They took sugar, rice and cooking oil. They poured the foodstuffs on the pavement.

They went on screaming that in unison 'hatupangwangwi' and they wished the teachers a merry Christmas as they walked out of the school. This comes after many students have burned down the school premises. They said they were never ready for the end of term exams and they wanted to go home.

The recent walkouts by students and school fires have left the ministry of education officials wondering what they will do to contain the students in school.

The students were given a half term break but it seems that did not solve the underlying problem. Very many schools have been burned after the midterm break. The students did not burn down the school premises but they managed to destroy the store.

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