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Do We Need CBC? A Review on The Merits of CBC.

Most people feel that education is simply characterized by its output, such as how many hours a teacher spends teaching mathematics versus another subject taught by a different teacher during that time period. This has maintained a key component in all curriculums in the periphery.

Due to the existence of excessive program overload in many educational institutions worldwide, education policymakers decided to advocate for the creation of objectives in order to improve the structure of education.

In this sense, proficiency becomes the key alternative, with an emphasis on a training program based on what the pupils are capable of doing based on what they have been taught throughout the years.

In this instance, all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the competency–based curriculum must be able to project the potential end outcomes of the training so that they may systematically assess the entire training program and determine whether it met the required education objectives or not.

In various nations such as Finland, Germany, South Africa, the Netherlands and Norway, their own competence framework has been formed, recognizing the demands of the local population in the context of their skill definitions for the training courses.

In Kenya, Competency-Based Curriculum applies a 2-6-6-3 system with classes being named as Grades. It is aimed at shaping the learners' future.

The benefits of the system included and not limited to:

1. Improving capacity decision-making

CBC strives to make it easier to explore subject from many perspectives, yet the freedom to complete the curriculum is given to instructors when classes are under way.

2. System focused on learners

Instead of the school achievement, the CBC education system focuses on learner as an individual. In consequence, teachers can understand the student's strong and weakness expectations. Leaners are therefore establishing a good link with teachers who assist them define their skills and professions.

3. System of Balanced Education

The education system provides a distinct assessment of the learner's development in several areas of classwork and co-curricular activities. The learner's ability is checked all around, according to CBC.

4. Specializing in skills

The main focus of CBC is on learners who are able to discover their life potential. It creates a platform in which the learner can have a positive impact on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are connected with different disciplines.

5. Based on digital technology

In this flexible collaborative setting, the teacher-student alliance offers incremental support to the student.

6. Comparable Development

The CBC approach encourages learners to internalize corporate learnings, improving positive development among students contrasted with meaningful learning, where there is little positive change.

7. Model of collaboration

The CBC system is collectively responsible for the creation of local expertise by both stakeholders and curriculum partners.

8. Volunteering in the Community Learning

Engaging students in community service allows them to put what they've learned in class to good use. Teachers can spot learners' inventiveness and potential in uncovering special abilities by practicing their community

9. Theory and practice differentiation 

The students are tested to see whether they are able to discern what they've learnt in class and how they can practice teaching to practice the abilities outside of the classroom. Teachers can thus determine the potential of each learner and know what works for them.

This makes it easy for the learner to enhance its strength and overcome its deficiencies.

10. Parental Involvement And Empowerment

The CBC educational model urges parents to participate in their children's excellent results during their elementary school years. By becoming the learners, the parents create a suitable learning atmosphere, which motivates the learners to progress in their learning institutions.

To ensure the smooth progression of uninterrupted studies, parents must work with teachers to provide fundamental needs as specified by the school curriculum.

11. Encourages Excellence

According to the learner's CBC system, excellence is not merely completed for internal and external examinations and rankings but is based on pre-eminence and areas of interest.

12. Grows Learner's Opportunities 

CBC furnishes students with a jumper's chances to gain from to assist them with narrowing to ability distinguishing proof and possible investigation as indicated by their requirements and capacities. The framework urges students to foster an uplifting outlook towards schooling by permitting them to get to rise to training openings.

13. Inclusion and Diversity

The CBC system is designed to help students recognize that everyone is distinct and unique in terms of brain power. They are taught that it is okay to be given differently and that no talent is independent.

14.Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

CBC exposes students to a learning system that requires them to reason, make reasonable decisions, and be creative in order to find solutions. In contrast to the previous educational system, which expected students to recall what they were taught, CBC promotes comprehension.

15. Encourages Imagination and Creativity

CBC does not bind the learner to the syllabus, but rather allows them to broaden their imaginations in order to uncover new ideas and pictures and bring them to fruition. The students can examine and discover distinct patterns in order to propose solutions that will have a positive impact on the phenomenon.

Kenya has been struggling to implement the CBC education. From cost of learning materials through to kind of homework given to pupils, parents have been raising their concerns about the relevance of the new system. This has pushed some parents and lawyers to head to court to fight against CBC.

In my opinion, CBC should not be done away with, but instead it should be reviewed to fit demands at hand. This can also help to reduce the cost of learning materials.

CBC is the best curriculum only if it is well implemented and the rightful structures put in place. Kenya needs skilled graduates who will help in building the nation economically, to be precise.

Share your thoughts in the comments and follow me for more education news.

Content created and supplied by: A.Kibisu (via Opera News )

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