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Benefits of Competency-Based Curriculum Compared to Objectives- Based Curriculum

Its now official; in response to the challenge of providing quality education for sustainable development, kenya is switching from objectives-based curriculum to competency-based curriculum (CBC). The CBC is designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills,knowledge and also applying those competencies to real life.

CBC curriculum offers so many benefits not only to a learner but also the parents and teachers. Below are Some of the of the CBC curriculum.

Learner focused system.

CBC education system focuses on the learners as an individual rather than the school performance. As a result teachers can familiarize themselves with the studentstudent's demands according to their strengths and their weaknesses. Student will now create a good relationship with teachers who helps them shape their talents and careers.

Focuses on competency.

CBC main focus is around learners discovering their potentials in life. It creates a base where the learner can positively relate to acquiring knowledge and skills to connect with various displines as they advance to their height.


One of the strongest outcomes of competency based curriculum is increased engagement. Student will be more engaged because they the ownership over their learning. Students will be empowered because they will have control over where and how they learn. It will also promote individualized learning skills,making it truly personalized experience.


The cost of competency based programs varies by institution,program and learners pace. Many institution have created CBC programs pricely as a strategy and to Lower the cost of education.

what is different in the new curriculum.

Classes are now called Grade

ECD has two levels only( pre- primary 1and 2) that is Pp1 and Pp2

Subject areas are now referred to as learning areas.

Topics or sub- topics are now know as strands or sub-stands.

Learning outcomes is the new term that replaces lesson objectives.

Learning resources are used instead of teaching aids.

In conclusion competency based education will offer students with a greater opportunity for deep and personalized learning. Students will work towards achieving competency at their own pace. They will also experience more individualized support as well as a greater autonomy, flexibility and responsibility over their own learning.

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