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Opera Anniversary, How News Hub Has Built My Career Profile

After completing my undergraduate studies at Laikipia University, I never had the confidence and desire to do print media and writing because I felt broadcast is all I needed in the profession.

My Opera News Hub Library, it highlights the headline formulation I have learnt through Opera, source files.

However, I discovered that writing can be a very important journalistic skills upon joining Opera News Hub.

Earlier on I had been writing for Kenya News Agency but my skills were a little bit mild. For instance I did not know how to formulate a sharp headline that can attract more readers till I joined this Hub.

Since earnings depend on clicks, I have been able to adapt to catchy headline in order to lure more readers into my content.

Through Opera News Hub, I am now able to stick to media ethics as the hub cannot publish propaganda, this has sharpened me to be keen to detail so as to give the right information to my audience.

In terms of language skills, the hub has enabled me uphold correct grammar. The hub has always been notifying me to correct my grammar before publishing my articles, I feel this has been very critical to my language skills.

The hub has also kept me on track of society values by allowing only viable content to reach my audience, explicit content has always been rejected.

Originality of content has also become my norm as this Hub cannot allow publication of copied content hence imparting very important research skills into my writing.

My photography skills are now up to standards because the hub does not allow poor photos, this has prompted my seriousness in photo Journalism. In addition, credibility of sources has become a culture in my writing because I am required to describe them correctly.

When it comes to hard news, Opera has sharpened my vigilance. Through my experience in the hub, am now sure that any hard news needs prove such as video.

Opera has also updated me on the use of open quotes in an article, I have never seen any story with reliable quotations being rejected by the hub.

It has also updated my editorial skills, I am now able to edit news for any publication through the corrections I have been receiving in the hub.

All these skills have proved important and helpful to me together with other content creators.

The hub has really helped me in terms of skill development. I am now confident that my I stand bigger privileges than I had before.

Content created and supplied by: BOYDFUNATECH (via Opera News )

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