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Why Kuppet is brewing discrimination within teaching fraternity.

Teachers service commission,has emerged to be ready to listen to one of the teachers union, kuppet.With this advantage,KUPPET is currently asking TSC to harmonize house allowances for all teachers.This indeed could be a good move,as it promotes harmony among equals.

However,reading their demand on risk allowance for teachers of science based subjects,KUPPET may again engage itself in discrimination of teachers,based on their subject specialities.This raises questions as whether chemicals and reagents are the only risks that teachers encounter,while on the line of duty.As the move may cause division within teaching fraternity.That had been removed when TSC did away with salary differences, between science based subject teachers,and those who teach humanities.

KUPPET ought to harmonize their demands to TSC,by amending that demand.So that they detail all risks such as security in NEP regions,rogue and overly indisciplined parents and students who have caned, maimed and killed teachers all over the country.Also wild animals,floods and chemicals.

During KCSE,non science based teachers manage the KCSE at a tune of over 70 petcent.This is as either invigilators, supervisors, heads of institutions.Therefore KUPPET,must wake up to the reality and renegotiate with TSC.For it to ensure that the definition of risks is expanded,to avoid future calls for harmonization of the so called risk allowance.

Teachers can gain a lot as a united family but not approaching this issue as a divided house.I care less what you teach as you are all teachers and you deserve risk allowances as a whole.

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