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This Is What Happens To An Aeroplane When It Is Too Old To Fly

The world's most expensive commercial airplane, AIRBUS 380,has a market price of 445.6 million US Dollars. In Kenyan shillings, taking one dollar to represent 111.46 Kenyan shillings,this would be roughly 49.55 Billion Kenyan shillings.

Let's see what 49. 55 Billion Kenyan shillings can do. The total cost of construction of Thika superhighway was 32 Billion Kenyan shillings.

The Kenyatta Teaching and Referral Hospital was constructed at a staggering cost of 8 Billion Kenyan shillings. This means that 49. 55 Billion Kenyan shillings can build the Thika superhighway to completion and build two Kenyatta Teaching and Referral hospital fully equipped with modern medical facilities.

Any machinery must become obsolete after a certain duration of time. Aeroplanes are machines and they too reach their expiry dates. Most aeroplanes are rendered out of service between 20 - 30 years of service. You may wonder what then happens to such aeroplanes after they have been faced out of the service considering how expensive they are.

Here are the aftermaths that may befall such an aeroplanes after long period of service to the mankind;

1. May be turned into a luxurious hotel.

Some wealthy businessmen and women may liase with the carrier company and buy the plane for hotel facilities. Such hotels are classy and not for ordinary folks.

2. Recycling

The most expensive and important parts of the aeroplane may be removed for re-use. Such a part includes the engine which accounts for 15 - 20% of the total cost of a plane.

3. Maybe taken to educational facilities for study.

These old aeroplanes may form a basis of practical work in learning institutions like the aviation colleges. Learners will gain insight by seeing and touching the real object.

4. Left in their graveyards.

After removal of valuable components,the remaining parts of the aeroplane might be left for natures course to take action on them.

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