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Kuppet Surprises TSC & MoE With Its New Demands Ahead of The Commencement of The CBC Trainings

The teachers have been at the center of curriculum implementation.Once they teach wrong things,then the implementation process will be jeopardized.A few days ago,the social media platforms have come in handy for the government in knowing the shortcomings of the new curriculum.

There have been mixed reactions about the ongoing CBC curriculum in schools.Some parents have come out complaining that it is very expensive while some have applauded it.The curriculum is seen as a solution to the children who have always left with no skills after even completing their University educations.

The teachers always get trained in the curriculum every holiday.The trainings do go for a week.However,Kuppet has now surprised the government with its demand.The over 100,000 secondary schools teachers are set to start trainings as the Junior secondary schools approach.They now demand that the unions be included in the CBC trainings.They have also demanded that the government should supply enough teaching and learning resources in schools to avoid the cases witnessed in some primary schools where there are no Digital Devices.Do you agree with Kuppet's idea?

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