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Distress As Parents Prepare To Take Their Children Back To School

As earlier stated by Education cabinet secretary George Magoha for schools to reopen today, parents have shown distress as they are being faced with transport issues.

Some parents were set and ready to take their children back to school and on arrival at the bus stations, they were shocked to find transport had increased compared to the usual transport. Parents were complaing about the transportation cost yet the economy as per the situation does not favor the increament.

In other parts of the country teachers commented that being the first day of reopening today, a good number of students showed up and they expect all students to have reported back to school by tomorrow. They also said that they are ready to continue with their education program from where they had left.

Despite all this, Cs Magoha assured parents that their children will be safe in school and will not return home in any case presidential elections are to be repeated.

What do you feel about this? Should the transport companies lower the prices or Cs Magoha would have postponed the reopening dates? Also share your comments on the safety of children in school in case of presidential election rerun.

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