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College Education


Signs You Are Studying The Wrong Course.

1. You are uninterested. Having to spend several hours in lectures of a course you do not like can be very frustrating. It is best to pursue something you enjoy and close to your interests.

2. When forced to study a certain course. Many students face pressure from their family and friends on the course they choose.

3. Being constantly stressed. With no doubt school comes with its own stress but doing something you do not love will make you feel miserable all the time.

4. Studying one course but your thoughts desire for another. When this happens it is best to switch to the other course.

5. Intentionally failing to attend lectures and lose of focus. It might be common to most students but if yours is beyond usual experience, then something does not seem right.

6. Having doubts about your choice of course even after some years of study in the program. There is a big probability you have chosen a wrong course.

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