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Unemployed Teachers Rush For Few Intern Slots As TSC Is Put On Spot Again

Employment in Kenya is as scarce as acquiring hen milk. This is substantiated by the facts in daily Nation today. Thousands of teachers are rushing for 1.03 thousand vacancies advertised by TSC.

Over 25,000 teachers applied for the slots are interviews starts as from today. Some subcounties have shared merit lists while the rest are hiding. TSC lacks a program to ensure the merit list are shared to applicants. This means some teachers will be travelling long distances and still don't be employed.

By advertising only a thousand jobs in a profession with over 50,000 unemployed is what the national assembly never understood. As discussed, the members of parliament were left shocked with the decision.

The commission which has now fully embarked on improving teacher skills promised to enable suitable environment for the teachers to work on. The commission has already rolled out tpd modules for teachers and they are set to ensure the program runs successfully.

As interviews start today, we wish all unemployed Teachers trying for their lucky all the best. Thanks.

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