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Here are the Reasons Why CBC Should be Encouraged in Kenya

The competency based curriculum, is a system of education that emphasizes on student's learning outcomes which covers theoretical knowledge, practical and technical skills, social competencies and ability to work with others.

It is learner centered.

In this type of curriculum the learner is the main focus since it deals with practical skills that the learner has to know and engage in. And this forces the teachers to teach all the things that the learner has to know.

It involves active participation of the teachers and parents.

This has helped the learners to be in touch with their parents and also parents have to be involved in the progress of their children. It is because CBC has practical skills that the parents have to continually teach their children other that what they have been taught in schools like cooking, swimming, modelling among others.

Nurturing of talents.

This system helps the teachers and parents to discover the learners talents during an early stage and this helps them to develop it. It becomes useful to the learner like when they discover that the learner can model, they can help in development of the talent and this makes the learner become a National or International modeller.

Practical and technical skills.

Learners are able to acquire the practical skills like cooking, modelling, drawing and dancing at an early age. They are also able to know how to operate many computer based gadgets like laptops, smartphones since some of the assignment may involve googling or watching on YouTube.

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