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Teachers Raise Four Critical Concerns Ahead of the CBC Transition

Teachers have identified four critical areas that the government must address ahead of the transition to the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), just days after the presidential task force’s preliminary report was released.

Tutors predicted challenges for private institutions that do not receive National Government Constituency Development Funds in interviews with the press.

They stated that in order to comply with the CBC requirements, such institutions would have to cover the entire cost.

Furthermore, they questioned whether there would be a teacher shortage in specific areas, despite the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) stating that 30,000 tutors would be hired and deployed across the country.

The tutors also wondered if there would be capacity building to allow teachers to upgrade their skills in order to accommodate the new curriculum.

“I am aware that the government will provide funds to public schools in order for them to comply with the CBC curriculum requirements. The challenge is for private institutions, particularly those without secondary schools, because they will be forced to spend a lot of money to set up what is required.”

“Concerns have also been expressed about which category of teachers will be in charge of the Junior Secondary Schools. When we have junior secondary schools in primary schools, there should be a shift in personnel to handle the new curriculum “Yusuf Amolo, the principal of St Peters Primary School, informed the press.

Plans are already in place to ensure a smooth transition following the release of the CBC findings and recommendations by the task force.

On Friday, December 2, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua directed MPs to expedite plans for the construction of additional amenities in primary schools.

Furthermore, a group of Azimio lawmakers demanded that the government release the full CBC report in order to dispel any doubts about the curriculum’s feasibility.

“Tell us what you intend to do with this CBC. Stop dithering and meandering. Simply inform us of the next steps “Opiyo Wandayi, minority leader in the National Assembly, stated.

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