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You Are Programmed To Be Poor.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it is an observation of our reality. We leave in a system that is designed to keep as many of us as possible poor. Here is a list of structures that have been designed and put in place to keep us financialy starved.

1. Once long ago, Education was only for the wealthy who could afford it. The rest of the population only had to settle for manual labor. However during the industrial revolution, the elites of the society needed workers, who could be sivilized and obey rules. These workers would work in the industries and feel like they were better than common labourer. In order to create these civilized workers who were not roudy, education was invented, this system of education was quickly adapted by the rest of the world. Government even made it it free. This type of education does not teach about money and managing finances. It only prepares you to be an employee and doesn't make businesses feel prestigious.

2. Social setting

Most of us live in societies that are not exactly wealthy. We live with people who romantisize poverty saying things like the poor belong to God and the rich are evil. Such mindset are ingrained deep in our subconscious and make us less likely to succeed. Our parents and people around us make us believe that in order to be rich, you have to do ilegal and immoral things. This make us less hopeful that doing the right things might make us wealthy. We have to fight this mentality and believe that work hard in a smart way is a path to wealth.

3. Media and literature.

How many movies have you watched in which the evil person is rich and the poor are saints. The wealthy are described in books and movies as being unhappy lonely and sad while the poor are fulfilled and happy despite lacking. We end up seeing money as something that's not really worth it, we lose the psyche to do whatever it takes to succeed. Because we feel that being ambitious is evil. When in truth, we should be doing everything in our power to escape poverty. This mentality that, money can't buy happiness is ingrained deep in our minds. While the truth is money can make us happier. It is a good thing and should be sought .

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