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BREAKING: UASU Strike Has Been Suspended Pending Talks With Government

UASU had planned a strike which would have commenced today but they have decided to not go ahead with the strike as of now. The Union was calling for better working conditions and better pay amidst the harsh times that many of them are facing in this pandemic.

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The Government had decided to sit down with the Union's leaders and formulate a plan that will see the Union's members happy. The Secretary General of the Union, Constantine Wesonga had broken the good news to the members this morning.

The talks will commence immediately with representatives from the government keen on keeping the lecturers away from a strike. This is good news to university students who would have been forced to suspend their calendar year yet again.

Universities have been hit badly with the pandemic and students have had to be at home for a while. The strike would not have been beneficial to the students and many will ser this as a positive step from the government and UASU.

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