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Kenyan Parents should Be Ready To Face A Very Compacted School Calendar Ahead

Parents are heading to a very tough time in the coming days. They will be required to embrace a very compacted school calendar. Most schools are resuming today after a short mid term break. They will then be in school for almost a month until mid July before they close. They will then have a resting period of ten days. On 26th July they will resume their first term which will run up to 1st October.

On 11th October the pupils will resume again for second term which will run up to 23rd December. After which they will have a ten days holiday again after which they will resume on third January 2022 for third term which will run to 4th March 2022. They will go for a break of three weeks and resume back on 25th April to 1st July for first term.

Schools will again break for a week and resume back on 11th July to 16th September for second term. Then finally they will have their third term from 26th September to 25th November. This will then mark the end of the very much compacted school calendar.

All this time parents will be required to make a huge sacrifice in paying school fees and buying personal items for their children. This is because they will be having a very short resting periods between the terms.

Considering the compacted term dates parents will have to sacrifice more in order to keep their pupils at school. They will have to bear with the pressure for the remaining period until the end of 2022. From January 2023 everything will now go back to normal.

Considering the current state of economy in the country, many people have their lives depending on hand to mouth. It should also be noted that many Kenyans lost their jobs or suffered a set back in their business after covid 19 erupted in the country. This has made life harder for many families. It then means that many parents will have to sacrifice a lot in order to have their pupils in school.

Check out full term dates below.

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