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Should All Teachers And Examiners Should Be Tested For Covid-19 Before They Report To School Next Month?

With the rising number of covid 19 infections and deaths in Kenya, the ministry of health and education should work jointly to ensure that teachers who are in marking centers are protected from contacting the virus. This should be done by provisions of Personal protective equipment to keep them safe.

However, after the marking exercise is over, all the teachers should go for free covid 19 testing before interacting with the rest in the society. It is very risky for an examiner to walk out freely from the marking station and go direct at home to meet with the family members. There are higher chances of contracting the virus because of overcrowding! It should not be forgotten that some people are asymptomatic which will turn to be dangerous to the elderly in our villages. This exercise should be done before the school reopening in May to ensure that all teachers are 100% secure before they start a new term. 

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