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No Midterm Break For Next Term? Here Is What All Students Need To Know Before Reopening Schools

Education impacts of knowledge and skills to learners and also facilitates the learning process. It is arguably the best investment a parent or a nation can offer to its members of the public.

In the Republic of Kenya, the Ministry of Education headed by the Cabinet Minister Professor George Magoha is working tirelessly to make sure that the earlier disrupted school calendar comes back to track. As per the Ministry of Education with the help of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the normal school calendar is expected to be back on track by the end of year 2023.

The current school calendar in the Republic of Kenya indicates that the students are supposed to re open today as on 10th of October 2021 for the second term after enjoying a holiday of 8 days. But did you know there is no midterm holiday as per the current school calendar? Well, the second term is indicated to run continuously as from today 10th October upto 24th December 2021 with no indication of midterm break as it was for the other terms.

See the outlined school calendar for year 2021 to year 2023 below;

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