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Opinion: Biostatistics as a Course and Where you can Secure Employment After Graduation

WWith the increasing number of people graduating from both public and private universities, the work environment is become even more competitive. Most courses in the university are crowded by a huge number of student and you tend to wonder if you will even get a chance in the work place. The recent statistics was the most worrying one statiting that only 3 out 10 graduate get employed. But all hope is not lost. There are certain courses that offers a certain guarantee of employment. Medicine for instant.

But lets talk about Biostatistics

So what is Biostatistics?

Biostatistics also know as biometry is the application of statisticals tools in wide range of topics in biology. It encompasses collection of dat from the field, analysis of these data and interpretation of the results. As biostatistician,you tend to work hand in hand with specialists from different fields. In this modern world, everyone needs a biometrician, be it the business sector, the hospital, the government. But most especially, research institutes are the ones that make most use of these people.

So if you enroll in this course you are almost assured of employment. There are so many institutes in kenya that do research. They include.

1. The Kenya Medical Research Institute

2. Kenya Agricultural lives

3. Kenya Forestry research institute

4. Tea research institute

5. International livestock research institute

6.International centre of insect physiology and ecology

7.Kenya National Bereau of Statistics

Just to name a few.

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